Start adding your appointments in Termin3 application easily accessible at any time and from anywhere you want. Make the best use of innovative technologies to support your day-to-day business.
How to schedule appointment
Schedule Appointments


Not all customers are on top of their calendar so they come late or even forget to show up! Termin3 helps you avoid wasting your most valuable resource – time. Automatic SMS reminders reduce no-shows and ensure more of your customers arrive on-time.
How to set a reminder
Appointment Reminders


Tired of entering same-old appointment again and again? When you schedule regular appointments, simply turn the repeat on and save your time for what you do best (or just enjoy the music).
How to schedule recurring appointment
Repeat Appointments


Termin3 resolves with style all appointment rescheduling and cancellation. Say bye-bye to pen and paper, countless scrapping, and confirmation checks.
How to reschedule appointment
Manage Appointments


Tailor-made Termin3 according to your wants and needs. Adjust working hours, services, customers etc.
How to add service
How to change working hours
Customize Appointments
Termin3 is always there for you – in a walk, commute, restaurant, on a break, travel… It works even when you’re gone offline or during phone call with the customer! Have an appointment scheduling tool that actually keeps up with the pace of your life.
How to schedule appoint. during incoming call
On the Move Appointments


Bring the power of Termin3 to your users and applications by integrating the Termin3 API.

Get support by email support@termin3.com

Termin3 APIs are HTTP-based RESTful APIs. API request and response bodies are formatted in JSON.

Termin3 RESTful APIs includes:

  • Authentication API
  • Appointments API
  • Domains API
  • Organizations API
  • Services API
  • Register/Login API
Termin3 APIDon't start from scratch


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